Lampwork Glass Witch Pendant Mini Tutorial

To Stiffen up the bead I like to start with a base of clear. This helps keep the murrini from spreading out if I overheat my bead. The Effetre ivory that I use tends to flow a little more than I like if I use it alone as the bead footprint.

I then put a layer of Effetre dark ivory over my transparent footprint and marver into a nice oblong bead shape.

Then I will pick the face murrini up off my hotplate. The face has been heated to 1000 degrees. These complex murrini have a bad habit of exploding if you do not preheat them before warming on the back of the flame. I cry every time I break one.

I warm the murrini on one side of my flame while simultaneously warming a spot on my bead footprint until it softens and is glowing red. I then carefully place the murrini face in the center of the bead.

I then gently warm the murrini and press lightly with my brass paddle to set the murrini into the bead. I do this very slowly to not overheat the murrini. Warm then press. warm then press until the murrini is flush with the bead. If you get it to hot the murrini will curl up on itself and the face will become distorted. If you press to hard with the paddle you will flatten and distort your murrini. Slow and steady wins the race. After I get the face flush in the bead I marver gently in my Obisin Lentil former. So handy

I then add a lumpy effetre black hat footprint. No marvering I try to leave it lumpy

A twisty stringer is then used to apply the hair be careful not to overheat or you will flatten your hair texture.

I then add a small black bead at the bottom to form into shoulders. You can add all sorts off embellishments here my favorite is the eyeball pendant.

Last thing I add is the brim of the hat. Just wind a disk just above her face. The biggest problem I have had is the hat brim breaking after cooling. I figure it is from shock cooling while I was putting on other details. Remember to give your bead a good soak in the torch to keep a uniform temp. Otherwise you will have some shocking issues. Well here it is my first tutorial. Don't be to critical I took all the pictures with my cell phone. Time to get back on the torch :)