Frozen Fairies Tutorial

This is an intermediate level glass project

I start with a 7-10mm clear glass rod. I then add a few stripes of effetre blue and cim eggplant.

Marver with my paddle wich is the back of my marble mold. I love the back of my marble mold. Marble mold is handy for everything. I also love my obisin lentil mold handiest tool in existence.

I give the marverd clear gather a thin coat of effetre white for contrast

Marver again marble mold paddle so awesome.

Cut in some stripes. I put a box cutter blade in an x-acto knife handle. Remember to quench your blade after every slice or it will heat up and the glass will stick to it.

with a clear rod I fill the razor cuts. And encapsulate the whole gather.

heat up gather to a semi fluid state

Shape with marble mold. If you stop here you have a cloudy stripy marble

Attach a clear rod as a punty to the other side of the gather. Heat the gather till fluid and twist till you like the results.

Burn off punty and heat one side of the gather. I like to create a flat side for my murrini to sit.

use your mashers to create a flat side. only one side will flatten of you are careful with the heat.

Snag your murrini off the hotplate with tweezers. my hotplate goes up to 1000 degrees. If your murrini is not sufficiently preheated it will shock and explode. Sad days. I have lost many murrini to explosions.

Warm up the spot on the pendant where your murrini will sit. In this picture The flame is no where near the murrini. I am warming the murrini with the radiant heat from the pendant. I never ever hit the murrini with the flame. Remember to give your gather insurance heat before you do anything that will require a lengthy time away from the flame.

After your murrini is warmed and the spot where your murrini is going to sit on the pendant is molten. gently place the murrini. I will tap the murrini into place with the back of my tweezers or a smallish marver.

After setting the murrini I will gently flame polish the surface of the murrini. Do not over heat the murrini or the edges will curl inward and distort the image.

Add hair to the murrini with 1-2mm twisties. I used effetre red roof tile. cim tangerine and lemon yellow. Use the side of the flame and radiant heat to melt your twistie never direct flame. I also reheat whole pendant to ensure against shocking. I sometimes forget to keep the pendant hot while adding details. It is a sad thing when your pendant splits in half just when you are putting on the final detail.

I love long twisties for the hair. In this image the twisty is just below the flame.

When the hair is finished. I make a large gather of effetre clear. I try to get 10mm effetre clear rods. Peel off any spots or imperfections with tweezers while you gather it into a ball. Remember to heat pendant while gathering. You need a large enough gather of clear to cover the entire face of the pendant in one swipe. I will push the gather of Molten clear into the pendant trying to push all the air out of the details as i go. Try not to trap any air under the clear. Air bubbles suck.

The pendant I am making in the above image is large enough to require 3 passes with the clear to fully encase. After i get the clear to a thickness I like. I melt it in smoothing it over and forming a lens over the entire face of the pendant. You may need to pick out bubble or scum with your tweezers while melting in the clear. I sometimes will pull and shape the clear glass with my brass marver. A big Stump Shaper. Another awesome tool.

When you are done encasing you can add surface embellishments of your choice. Dots, twisities, plunge flowers, more murrini, You can never put on enough murrini, Murrini is so awesome. Like drawing and sculpting at the same time. When I am finished with the pendant I like to cap them with my stainless steel bail loops. You can pull a glass loop or a spacer bead to make a pendant bail. Hope you got something out of this tutorial. I am not a writer. But I like to teach.